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Lightning Radio Rental FAQ's

Q. Do you rent Intrinsically Safe Radios?

Yes. We have I/S radios. FM Approved. 

Q. What kind of accessories do you offer with your radios?

With our Two-way radios we offer Audio Accessories including: Speaker Microphones, Light Headsets, Surveillance Earpieces In Ear and Over Ear.

Q. How long do batteries last?

On average Motorola radio batteries last about 8 hour for analog and 18 hours for digital. 

Q. How many batteries do I get with an order?

We always include a minimum of an additional 50% of the order size at no cost (20 radios = 10 spare batteries.)

Q. What is the talk range of the radio signals?

Two-way radio coverage range is approximately 1-mile for analog and 2-mile for digital outdoors. Indoor coverage varies based on construction of the building where the equipment is being used. 

Q. What is a Repeater?

A repeater is installed in a fixed location with the intent of coverage enhancement. Multi-story buildings are covered more thoroughly and dead spots are removed. The building’s construction, number of floors and the presence of steel and concrete determine range. Outdoors it will increase the range to approximately 2-4 miles depending on terrain. 

Q. Do I need a FCC license to rent from you?

No. We have National FCC Frequencies that are programmed into your radios. Additionally we can program/match radios to your frequencies should you request that option.

Q. What if the radio rental equipment is lost or damaged?

If the equipment is lost or damaged beyond repair the renter is responsible for paying the replacement cost. Replacement cost is defined in contract. 

Q. Do you charge me for days in transit?

No! Most other companies offering radio rentals will charge you a daily rate from the day the radios are shipped until they are received back. Not us! You are only charged for the days that you actually have the products.

Q. Can you bill me monthly for a long term rental?

Yes! We offer monthly billing for long term rentals. We require payment for the first month in advance.

Q. I'm paying in advance by check or money order, why do you need my credit card?

We keep a credit card on file in case of product damage or a late return. We will contact you before charging your card for any additional costs, and provide you with the option of paying any extra costs using other methods of payment.

If you have any further questions or would like a rentals quote, please feel free to contact our rental department here.