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Protecting company assets and employee safety are major priorities for any business. With Lightning Wireless’ robust line of static and cloud-based vehicle camera systems, you can rest assured your fleet of vehicles and employees will have an extra layer of protection. We offer ruggedized devices with integrated GPS location as well as alerts for speed violation, severe shock and much more. Operators can capture road-facing video only or several angles of the vehicle’s interior and exterior. There is no better way to protect your company from liability and frivolous lawsuits than with Lightning Wireless video telematics!

Live Tracking Features Included:

  • Real-time video capture from one or many angles
  • Alerts for sever shock, hard turning, hard breaking, speed violation and more
  • No software needed; completely web-based and accessible from any device
  • Full suite of reporting including route logs, stop reports, idle-time and mileage
  • View entire fleet status on map via your company’s dashboard
  • Full reporting to coach drivers and improve employee’s safety performance
  • Set levels of user permissions: administrator, dispatcher, mechanic etc.
  • Static cameras with local storage available with no monthly cost.

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