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Have a Special Event Coming Up?
We Can Help!

SES is a division of Lightning Wireless Solutions, Inc. We go far beyond just communications to help you cover all your special event needs. We have spent hundreds of hours on events like yours, customizing and tweaking every aspect to fit your budget and specifications. LWS clients see a savings by packaging all of their special event needs into one provider.

We service events throughout Florida, and nationwide:

  • Special Events
  • Conventions
  • Fairs
  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Parades
  • Sporting Events

Products offered by our Special Event Services consist of:

On-Site Communications Support Trailer:

On-Site Support Trailer

Equipped and ready to roll to your special event.  While you focus on your event, we can be on-site to facilitate coordination and last-minute problem-solving. This includes set-up, coordinate sign-out and check-in of equipment, and make any last minute programming changes, if needed. No need to worry, “Who has that missing radio?”  We handle that for you. In addition, we bring tools; additional labels, extra inventory control sheets, and spare equipment to address various unexpected needs.

Light Towers:

Light Towers

We have a fleet of light towers for all your lighting needs. Our light towers come with four 1,000-watt light assemblies offering complete flexibility with 360 degree rotation and are powered by an onboard quiet generator. They have the ability to handle steadfast winds up to 65+ mph with a sturdy outrigger stability system. Light can cover five to seven acres on your event site.



The newest generators on the market from Multiquip. All generators are crystal controlled and are Movie-Quiet or Ultra Silent! These are not your typical construction generators. We have the ability to handle large or small events, and concerts that require from 25kw to 200kw units. We have a full complement of distribution cables, distro boxes, yellow jacket cable crossings, and more.

Traffic Safety Products:

Road Blockade Rentals

If your event needs roads closed with M.O.T. Standards met, we can handle all aspects. From just cones to barricades, and message to arrow boards, we handle it all so you don’t have to!

Golf Cart Cars:

Golf Cart Rentals

Our rental fleet allows convenient transportation at events such as festivals, sports events, tournaments, industrial uses, church activities, concerts, races, shows, and promotions.  We have the flexibility to provide rentals from one golf cart car to 200+ cars from one day to one year. Choose from 2, 4, and 6 passenger cars, standard utility cars, and heavy duty utility cars. We make it easy with our delivery and pick up service!

For more information or to get your rental quote, contact us today.